en_IL: English locale for Israel

Update: The new locale was committed to glibc and should be part of glibc-2.24.

Most Israelis are literate in English, and for a large percentage of them, English is also the preferred language when it comes to computers. They prefer English, as it solves right-to-left issues and general inconsistencies (it might be annoying when some programs are translated ands some not). The downside is, that currently, the existing English locales are not suitable for Israel, as there are cultural differences:

  • American English spelling is more common in Israel.
  • The metric system is used, along with the relevant paper sizes (“A4” instead of Letter).
  • Dates are written in dd/mm/YYYY format, unlike in the USA.
  • The first day of week, and also the first workday is Sunday.
  • The currency used is ILS (₪).

So, up until now users had to choose locales such as en_US or en_GB and compromise on some stuff. To solve this issue, and create a truly suitable English locale for Israel, I wrote a localedef file for the en_IL locale.

To install the new locale, copy the en_IL file from the gist below and place under /usr/share/i18n/locales/en_IL (no extension). Next

# echo "en_IL.UTF-8 UTF-8" >> /usr/local/share/i18n/SUPPORTED

Now, complete the installation by running dpkg-reconfigure locales and enable en_IL.UTF-8 from the list, and set it as the default locale.


7 thoughts on “en_IL: English locale for Israel”

  1. From a quick look, the locale you linked to is indeed similar. There are a couple of minor differences. For example, mine uses dd/mm/YYYY format for dates, and the other one uses dd/mm/YY which is less common (and convenient).

    Getting it into glibc was the reason I wrote it. I had intended to file a bug after writing the post, but my server went down and then day-job got in the way :-). I’ll probably do it today. Thanks for pointing QLocale, it didn’t occur to me to file a bug with Qt as well.

  2. have been using linux for a long time, I have no idea how I missed this since 2016. Anyway, it’s great, thanks for pushing this to glibc.

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