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NVRM: not using NVAGP, kernel was compiled with GART_IOMMU support

For the past several weeks I had a strange problem. Sometimes when I booted my computer, it would refuse to start the X server and would give the following error in dmesg:

NVRM: not using NVAGP, kernel was compiled with GART_IOMMU support!!
NVRM: failed to allocate stack!

The weird thing about it is that normally if I rebooted the computer it would magically work again. So this error only showed up once-in a while and seemed to disappear at will. Today, it happened again, so I decided to fix it.
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Notes About Using amsmath split Environment In Hebrew Documents

Recently I’ve worked on a Hebrew document in LaTeX and wanted to use the split environment to typeset some multiline formula. The document which compiled just fine till that point, failed to compile with the following error:

Package amsmath Error: \begin{split} won't work here.

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Resolution Problems in clock()

While playing recently with clock() in order to time the performance of different kinds of code and algorithms, I found an annoying bug. clock() just can’t register work that has taken less than 0.01 seconds. This is pretty unexpected as clock() should return the processor time used by the program. The man page for clock() states:

The clock() function returns an approximation of processor time used by the program.

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