XWRDS Gets a Browser Search Extension

I’ve added today an OpenSearch description for XWRDS. In simple words it means that you can now search XWRDS directly from your browser search box. Supported browsers include Firefox 2.0+, Internet Explorer 7+ and Google Chrome, so if you use one of this browser you can now solve your crosswords faster then ever by using the XWRDS search.

To add the XWRDS search to your browser’s search box either click this link, or got to the XWRDS website and select the XWRDS search engine from the pull down menu of your browsers search box (usually at the top right corner of the window).

XWRDS Gets a YubNub Command

YubNub is a site that provides users with a social command line to the internet. It lets you do all kinds of stuff, mostly search related, by typing special commands.

Today, I’ve added a command to YubNub that allows you to search XWRDS. The command name is xwrds and it expects the clue to search as an argument.

For example:

xwrds Either of two of the VIII's six

I hope people will find it a convinient way to easily search XWRDS.

Update 20/11/2009: Fixed link to YubNub.