Fix missing icons in digiKam

It looks like digiKam installed on a default Gnome environment has missing icons. For example the "pick" icons (the little flags for Rejected/Pending/Accepted) are missing. The reason is that the default Gnome icon pack, Adwaita is missing some of the icons used by digiKam.

The solution is to install the Breeze icon theme and then select it in digiKam:

$ sudo apt install breeze-icon-theme

and then in digikam Settings -> Configure digiKam -> Miscellaneous -> Appearance -> Icon theme and select "Breeze". Actually you can leave it as "Use Icon Theme From System" and it will use Adwaita and only fall back to Breeze for missing icons. However, I do find it more pleasant to have a consistent icon theme.

Hash Puppy 0.2

This is an update for my simple easy-to-use checksum calculator. It supports md4, md5, and sha1 hash functions. I wrote the project as a way to experience and learn Qt.

Changes since the previous version (Hash Puppy 0.1) include ability to abort a checksum calculation and improved GUI responsiveness. Also there were other minor tweaks to make Hash Puppy easier to use.
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Hash Puppy – A Qt Checksum Calculator

I’ve decided to give Qt a try after long time of wxWidgets programming. When I learn to a new language or how to use a new library I always like to build some small projects to get my hands dirty with. This time I’ve built small checksum calculator – Hash Puppy (in fact, first I had the name then I’ve decided I must use it for some new project).

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