Hash Puppy – A Qt Checksum Calculator

I’ve decided to give Qt a try after long time of wxWidgets programming. When I learn to a new language or how to use a new library I always like to build some small projects to get my hands dirty with. This time I’ve built small checksum calculator – Hash Puppy (in fact, first I had the name then I’ve decided I must use it for some new project).


As a checksum calculator Hash Puppy is pretty simple, as it supports only MD4, MD5 and SHA1. It also supports basic Drag and Drop and clipboard interaction. The source code for Hash Puppy is released under the GPL and available from here: hashpuppy-0.1.tar.bz2.

While the wxWidgets vs Qt story should be part of another post, I can note that programming Qt was fun. While first I was dismayed by the use of non-standard C++ syntax for the Signal-Slot mechanism, I really liked the otherwise clean and modern C++ syntax used by Qt. The Qt Designer is a great utility, and really makes the tedious work of making the UI easy. I liked that Qt Designer encourages the user to inherit the dialog classed he designs in order to add functionality, over the approach used in wxGlade which is based on editing the code the program generates. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to pursue such change in wxGlade.

Update 11/12/2009: Fixed the download link.
Update 31/3/2010: A new version is available: Hash Puppy 0.2

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