Installing Lighttpd-1.4.22 on Ubuntu 8.04

I had some problems with the lighttpd-1.4.19 that comes with Ubuntu 8.04, mainly it’s problems of handling the HTTP header Expect: 100-continue (which older versions of Lighttpd return error 417). The problem was fixed in Lighttpd-1.4.21, but 1.4.22 is the newest version so I’ve decided to install it.

As I mentioned before, Ubuntu doesn’t have lighttpd-1.4.22 for 8.04, and it’s also not available in the updates or backports repositories. Fortunately, I’ve found that the package is available from Debuian Sid (unstable). Here are some instructions on how to install it.

Start By downloading the following packages.


You can statisfy using the offical repositories all the dependencies of lighttpd-1.4.22 except the libpcre3, which is also available from Debian Sid. So start by installing it.

sudo dpkg -i libpcre3_7.8-2_amd64.deb
sudo aptitude markauto libpcre3

You statisfy the rest of the dependencies by using apt-get and the official repositories. In case you encounter the following problem when starting lighttpd:

/usr/sbin/lighttpd: Symbol `FamErrlist' has different size in shared object, con
sider re-linking

it can be solved easiliy by installing libfam3.

sudo apt-get install libfam3

(don’t worry if it complains about needing to remove libgamin0). You should be done now, and you can start enjoying your shining lighttpd-1.4.22.

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