Upgrading All KDE Related Packages in Gentoo

Yesterday, Gentoo marked KDE 3.5.10 as stable on amd64. I looked for a way to upgrade all of the KDE related packages, without manually specifying each one of them. Normally one could do

emerge -avu world

but I encountered some nasty conflicts that I didn’t have time, nor will, to resolve at that time. So I’ve looked for a different solution. To my rescue came qlist for the great app-portage/portage-utils package. This package provides a set of very fast utilities to query portage. I’ve used qlist to list all of my installed packages, grep‘ed the list and piped the result as arguments to emerge using xargs.

 qlist -I --nocolor | grep kde | xargs emerge -pvu1

Take a look at the package list that will be merged. If everything looks fine, then do the actual merging.

 qlist -I --nocolor | grep kde | xargs sudo emerge -vu1

The --nocolor is important, or else emerge will complain about the benign looking atoms such as dev-util/kdevelop because there are invisible terminal formating characters around them.

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