Scanning Lecture Notes – Compression

A new semester is about to begin, hence I again set out to organize lecture notes and scan them. This time I intend to invest more time investigating and perfecting this process. Hopefully, I’ll present my conclusions in few posts, each focusing on a different aspect.

In the first post, I’ll discuss the various ways to compress the scanned lecture notes. Because lecture notes (at least mine) aren’t especially colorful has I only use one pen at the time, I want the result to be black and white (line art). This allows readable lecture notes in while preserving small size per page (as you can see in Some Tips on Scanning Lecture Notes).
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Re-distilling PDFs to Reduce Size

I decided to finally learn QT and started to read the “C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4” (first edition) which is available online. The book comes in a zip file that unzips to a huge, 51MB, pdf file. Even when considering the book is quite long (556 pages), the file size is very large compared to what one is used to except. The huge file size made reading the PDF less convinient, as one notices a considerable delay when opening it (especially if the PDF resides on some portable storage), so I’ve decided to play a little and see what I can do about it.
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