Vim: Creating .clang_complete using CMake

The clang_complete plugin for Vim, offers superior code completion. If your project is anything but trivial, it will only do so if you provide .clang_compelete file with the right compilation argument. The easy way to do so is by using the script that comes with it to record the options directly into the .clang_compelete file. Usually one does

make CXX='~/.vim/bin/ clang++'

However, the makefile generated by CMake doesn’t support the CXX configuration.

The solution is to call CMake with the CXX environment variable set:

CXX="$HOME/.vim/bin/ clang++" cmake ..

Note that this will create the clang_complete file in the build directory (I’ve assumed out-of-place build), so just copy over the file to the working dir of your vim so it can find it. You’ll need to re-run cmake again (without the CXX, to disable re-creating the .clang_complete file each time.

While looking for this solution, I’ve first tried solving it by setting the CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER variable in CMake, however for some strange reason it didn’t like it, saying that the compiler wasn’t found (it shuns command line arguments given in the compiler command).

The more I use clang_compelete the more awesome I find it. It has it quirks but nonetheless it’s much simpler and better than manually creating tag files for each library.

Updated 6/1/2014: When setting CXX use $HOME instead of ~ (fix issues with newer versions of CMake).

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