Installing IvriTex-1.2.1 on teTex-3.0

Few days ago I finally decided to install Ivritex-1.2.1 on my system. I’m running a tetex-3.0. The new version of Ivritex includes some very important improvements and, at least for me, the most important thing is support for the Culmus fonts. tetex-3.0 introduced a major directory change which cause many problem with installing packages which are unaware of the changes. In this post I will try to walk through the installation process.

TEXMF will be the directory of you local TeX tree (usually /usr/share/texmf). Before Begining the installation process make sure you have the Culmus fonts installed. Apparently Culmus is not optional it’s a requirement. I’ll assume that your Culmus fonts are installed in /usr/share/fonts/culmus.

  1. Download the ivritex-1.2.1 source-code from here .
  2. Extract the archive into a temporary directory.
  3. Save the diff file below a file named “Makefile_patch” and save it inside ivritex-1.2.1/fonts/culmus .
  4. Apply the patch by going to the ivritex-1.2.1/fonts/culmus directory (under the directory where you extracted the source archive) and executing “patch Makefile_patch. The patch will alter the places where some file will be installed.
  5. As root execute “updmap –enable Map”.
  6. Still as root execute “mktexlsr”.
  7. Ivritex 1.2.1 should be installed now.
--- Makefile    2007-02-14 19:59:52.000000000 +0200
+++ Makefilenew 2007-02-16 10:11:07.000000000 +0200
@@ -20,8 +20,8 @@
 vf_target     = $(TEX_ROOT)/fonts/vf/culmus
 # this is where ivritex will eventually be:
 tex_target    = $(TEX_ROOT)/tex/generic/babel
-encode_dir    = $(TEX_ROOT)/dvips/base
-dvips_cfg_dir = $(TEX_ROOT)/dvips/config
+encode_dir    = $(TEX_ROOT)/fonts/enc/dvips/base
+map_dir       = $(TEX_ROOT)/fonts/map/
 sysconf       = $(DESTDIR)/etc
 updmap_dir    = $(sysconf)/texmf/updmap
 #culmus_target = $(PREFIX)/fonts/culmus
@@ -137,11 +137,11 @@
    mkdir -p $(sysconf)/texmf/updmap.d
    echo "Map" >$(sysconf)/texmf/updmap.d/10culmus.cfg
-   mkdir -p $(dvips_cfg_dir)
-   cp $(dvips_cfg_dir)/
+   mkdir -p $(map_dir)
+   cp $(map_dir)/
   ifeq ($(tetex_ver),2)
    # this should run mktexlsr as well
-   $(updmap) --enable Map $(dvips_cfg_dir)/
+   $(updmap) --enable Map $(map_dir)/
   else # for tetex-1
     ifeq ($(tetex_ver),1)
    # TODO: fill in sed line here

2 thoughts on “Installing IvriTex-1.2.1 on teTex-3.0”

  1. Guy,

    Several questions:
    1. Can you explain what exact was the change between tetex2 and 3?
    2. I had tried to apply this patch, but I still can’t get the result neither
    for CentOS nor for cygwin.

    I can work with “nikud” package but it can’t David fonts.

    What exactly the problem.
    What are these updmap commands do.

    I just try to apply you instructions for different distros and
    it doesn’t work… I need some understanding in
    order to fix the problem


  2. 1. The major changes includes new directory structure and multiuser versions of updmap. You can find more information about what changed in: under “What is new in 3.0?”.

    2. updmap enablesthe given map file. In old TeTeX releases this used to be done by manually editing files but this way is no longer recommended with TeTeX-3.0.

    There is a good chance the patch might not work with systems that aren’t Gentoo as I’ve only tried it on my Gentoo machine. After reading
    I pretty much dropped my interest of running ivritex on tetex-3.0 and and just used what I’ve managed to get working and on other machines just used the fonts packages. Reviewing my code again and the features on tetex-3.0 (which includes a newer version of babel which implements almost all of ivritex patches) I believe there is no advantage of running ivritex-1.2.1 on tetex-3.0 over running culmus-latex on tetex-3.0 or texlive-2007.

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