LaTeX Error: Command \textquotedbl unavailable in encoding HE8

I was testing today the SVN version of LyX 1.6.0 and 1.5.7. Due to a change in the way the double quotation mark (“) is handled, adding it to Hebrew text resulted in the following LaTeX error:

LaTeX Error: Command \textquotedbl unavailable in encoding HE8

This could be solved by adding the following line to your LaTeX preamble:


This line will define the \textquotedb to be the double quotation mark, and the document will compile look the same as it looked in older versions of LyX.

8 thoughts on “LaTeX Error: Command \textquotedbl unavailable in encoding HE8”

  1. Ronen: It’s a good idea, I hope they will fix it.

    I wasn’t sure if I should report it or not, as LyX produces correct LaTeX code, and I was more concerned with the other bug I found that day (amsmath was automatically added, ignoring the user settings, when \iint was in the document).

  2. The bug is already been fixed in the current SVN version 🙂

    Anyway – Guy – Thanks for the work-around.

  3. I use lyx+xetex for supporting out native(Chinese) language, and meet this error, thanks a lot for you solution!

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