RTL and Hebrew Adaptation of the Fusion WordPress Theme

I’ve ported the Fusion theme by digitalnature to RTL, and adapted it to Hebrew.


Porting this theme to RTL was the main catalysis for improving my cssrtl.py script. Beside translating the theme to Hebrew and making the necessary CSS adaptation to RTL, I had also to adopt the fonts used. The font selected by the author weren’t compatible with Hebrew, and the alternatives looked awful. So I’ve chose some other fonts from the same family to keep the overall look of the theme, but make it more Hebrew friendly.

You can see a live version of the theme in David Zadok‘s site. The theme can be downloaded from here: fusion-rtl-2.6.zip [326.8kb]

4 thoughts on “RTL and Hebrew Adaptation of the Fusion WordPress Theme”

  1. Hi Gil, I am new to WordPress and consider using that for a new WEB site..
    I have installed wordpress-2.8.4-he_IL.zip with your latest fusion-rtl-2.6.zip
    There is a problem with the sidebar which looks “broken”. Any idea what did I do wrong?
    Thanks for the help!

  2. Hi Ziv, the adaptation isn’t perfect, it is likely that bugs exist there which may cause things to look broken. It is hard to say what you did wrong, as the description isn’t detailed and you didn’t provide a link to the site.

    I plan to release a bug-fix version to the theme, which may correct the your are experiencing too. I don’t know when it will be released as currently I’m pretty short on time (hardly finding time to respond to comments).

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