Disable Touchpad Tapping in Kubuntu

In Ubuntu (gnome) there is an easy graphical way to disable tapping on the touchpad. However, KDE lacks such thing. But lacking graphical configuration doesn’t mean this should be difficult. All you need is the gsynaptics package. The package provides a small utility called synclient. Now you can disable tapping by doing

 synclient TapButton1=0

To disable the tapping permanently you should use the following to run the command at the start of every KDE session.

echo "synclient TapButton1=0" > ~/.kde/env/disable-tapping.sh

4 thoughts on “Disable Touchpad Tapping in Kubuntu”

  1. You need to make disable-tapping.sh executable, i.e. chmod +x ~/.kde/env/disable-tapping.sh

  2. the package “gpointing” does exactly the right thing in
    kubuntu 11.04

  3. It’s great that they figured out this functionality should be easily accessible for users.

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