Something gone wrong with Akismet?

Akismet is a great spam filtering service for WordPress which did wonders for my blog. Actually, it’s quite generic and can be used with any commenting service, for example with Trac (I used this for Open Yahtzee’s Trac before reverting back to SourceForge new ticket system). For a long time, Akismet allowed me to blog and not worry much about spam, as it hardly missed – usually less than 5 missed spams a month. But something went wrong in the last three months as can be seen in this chart:


As you can see, the number of missed spam increased rapidly from February to May (more than 15-fold) while the number of overall spam messages decreased. I have to manually mark the missed spam and I really can’t say why some of them are missed. They are spammy as always and surely not unique in any sense.

Although it’s not a deluge of missed spam, I really don’t like dealing with, so I consider adding CAPTCHA to supplement Akismet. This will also help with my backups, because Akismet keeps all the spam messages it flags 15 days, which means that unfortunately I backup more than 20000 spam messages each week (hopefully, one day I’ll find good use for it).

Has something gone wrong with Akismet? Do you experience the same problems?

6 thoughts on “Something gone wrong with Akismet?”

  1. Happens to me on lately, too. Very anoying. I like keeping my commenting as open as possible, and now I consider enabling pre-approval, which really sucks.

  2. Yeah, pre-approval always gives me a connotation of censorship. Alas, if I won’t be able to get the CAPTCHA to work nicely with Akismet, I’ll resort to it.

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