Creating a WireGuard profile for Cloudflare Warp

Connecting to Cloudflare Warp directly via wg can have advantages in flexibility or specific scenarios. For example, the Warp client, warp-cli would refuse to establish connection if it can’t override /etc/resolve.conf. By connecting directly using WireGuard, you get control over all that.

The first step is to install warp-cli and register using warp-cli register. This will create the WireGuard private-key used for the connection and register it with Cloudflare. The private key can be found in /var/lib/cloudflare-warp/reg.json. The endpoint data and Cloudflare’s public key should be constant. Alternative endpoints are listed in /var/lib/cloudflare-warp/conf.json.

An easy way to read the json configuration files is using jq:

$ sudo jq . /var/lib/cloudflare-warp/conf.json

Adjust the following template accordingly, and put in int /etc/wireguard/warp.conf:

Address =
Address = 2606:4700:110:892f:607d:85a6:5e07:70cf/128
PublicKey = bmXOC+F1FxEMF9dyiK2H5/1SUtzH0JuVo51h2wPfgyo=
AllowedIPs =, ::/0
Endpoint =

You can start the tunnel using

$ sudo wg-quick up warp`

Alternatively, you can import it to NetworkManager and be able to easily start it from the Gnome Quick Settings.

$ sudo nmcli connection import type wireguard file /etc/wireguard/warp.conf

You can easily check that the tunnel works, by visiting and looking for the line that says warp=on.

Sometimes, IPv4 won’t work while IPv6 works. Restarting the VPN several times can resolve the issue.

while ! ping -w1 -c1; do wg-quick down wgcf-profile; wg-quick up wgcf-profile; done

or using nmcli:

while ! ping -w1 -c1; do nmcli connection down wgcf-profile; nmcli connection up wgcf-profile; done

Disabling the Cloudflare client

The Cloudflare client might interfere with the Wireguard profile. It’s best to didable it:

$ sudo systemctl disable --now  warp-svc.service
$ systemctl --user disable --now warp-taskbar.service

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