Fixing Numbering Direction for Hebrew Text in LyX

On Monday, I’ve submitted a patch to the LyX developers mailing list with a fix for the numbering direction in Hebrew text. In Hebrew text the dot appeared before the numbering symbol instead of after it as it should.
This behaviour has been this way for years (at least as long as I can remember).

My first solution was a patch against the actual LyX code, but developers in the mailing list suggested the issue could be solved within the po file for Hebrew (he.po), as the po files are loaded for each paragraph depending on its language.

So I wrote a patch for the he.po file that fixes the problem.

Index: he.po
--- he.po	(revision 28095)
+++ he.po	(working copy)
@@ -15050,15 +15050,15 @@
 #: src/Buffer.cpp:2902
 msgid "\\arabic{enumi}."
-msgstr "\\arabic{enumi}."
+msgstr ".\\arabic{enumi}"
 #: src/Buffer.cpp:2908
 msgid "\\roman{enumiii}."
-msgstr "\\roman{enumiii}."
+msgstr ".\\roman{enumiii}"
 #: src/Buffer.cpp:2911
 msgid "\\Alph{enumiv}."
-msgstr "\\Alph{enumiv}."
+msgstr ".\\Alph{enumiv}"
 #: src/Buffer.cpp:2928 src/insets/InsetCaption.cpp:293
 msgid "Senseless!!! "

While this patch is against the SVN trunk (LyX 2.0), it could also be applied manually to older LyX versions.
After yo apply the patch you should do the following (I assume that you are in the root of the LyX source tree):

cd po/
cd ../
make install

Now restart LyX and you will see the numbering appear as it should.

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