culmus-latex is a package for LaTeX which provides high-quality Hebrew fonts from the Culmus project. culmus-latex also supports writing Hebrew text with Nikud.


All releases are available via the SourceForge download page. The deb package is courtesy of Ronen Abravanel.

The latest version is culmus-latex-0.7 (release announcement).


Currently culmus-latex is only supported under Linux. Please see README file distributed in the package for installation notes.

If you’re having trouble installing under Debian/Ubuntu, see Installing culmus-latex on Ubuntu 11.10.


To use culmus-latex you will need to add it to the LaTeX preamble of your document:


By default, culmus-latex uses Frank Ruehl as the default roman font. If you pass the “use-david” option to the package it will use David instead.

For more usage instruction, please consult the README file distributed with the package.


A minimalistic example using utf8:

שלום \L{World}!

See the examples/ directory inside the package for some examples for using culmus-latex (basic, changing fonts, nikud).