An Early Release of the New

It has been three years since I’ve released the original version of (and two since it’s re-release). The old version did a nice job, but experience gained during that time led me to write from scratch a new version. I’ve detailed more than a month ago, the basic principles and ideas that guided me to design a better tool to help adapting CSS files from left-to-right to right-to-left.

The guidelines weren’t just empty words, they were written while working on the Hebrew adaptation to the Fusion theme and in the same time writing a new proof-of-concept version of The original intent was to release a more mature version of that code when it will be completed. However, due to the apparent shortage of time in the present and foreseeable future, I can’t see myself complete the project any time soon. So following the “release early” mantra, I’ve decided to release the code as-is. As I said, the code is in working state, but not polished, so it may be of benefit but may contain bugs. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, I would be glad to hear.


You can download the new version from here: The code is available under the GPLv2 or any later version.


The new version works by creating a seperate css “fix” file that fixes the directionality of the css styles.

./ < main.css > main-rtl.css

Afterward, just link the main-rtl.css after main.css in your HTML files.

5 thoughts on “An Early Release of the New”

  1. The script aids in “translating” CSS files. It doesn’t assume anything on what produced the actual html. So it should be useful for Dolphin, but it would require, of course, some manual tweaking of the result.

  2. Hey dear friend, Could you help me converting my dolphin 7 to rtl ,i would pay you or make you a logo for your website .

    Regards, Altin 🙂

  3. Alright guy,

    I would really appreciate if anytime ,maybe next weekend, month, year, you could do a more detailed tutorial on how to put this thing on dolphin 7 cms.

    Thanks a lot for your consideration, Altin.

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