WiFi won’t connect on Samsung Galaxy S2 with CyanogenMod 9 (ICS 4.0.4)

After upgrading to CyanogenMod 9 (ICS 4.0.4) I’ve experience problems connecting to WiFi networks. Most of the time I’ve tried to connect to a WiFi network it would try to connect and then fail. Often it would also show the network I’ve just tried to connect to as “Not in range”. This was extremely irritating, as I could stand by my router and have the phone report that there is no signal, while another Galaxy S2 phone would connect immediately, the only difference was that the other phone was running Android 2.3.7. Needless to say, I haven’t made any major (or minor) changes to my WiFi equipment and the problem wasn’t confined just to my home. Sometimes, it would connect after being idle for a day or so.

Back when I was using CyanogenMod 7, I had no problems with the WiFi on my phone, and I could also replicate this behaviour on another Galaxy S2 I’ve upgraded to CyanogenMod 9. Initially I thought it was some bug in CyanogenMod, but I came up with nothing. Over the weekend, I’ve figured maybe the bug isn’t specific to CyanogenMod, and I’ve found this bug report WiFi freeze on Samsung Galaxy S2 with ICS 4.0.3. For some reason many people have problems with WiFi on Galaxy S2 with ICS. While the report relates to the WiFi freezing, which I didn’t experience, I’ve decided to sift through the comments. Some people mentioned the “Wi-Fi frequency band” feature available in Wi-Fi settings -> Advanced (available by pressing the menu button), so I’ve decided to try playing with the different settings there.

This setting allows you to choose the WiFi operating frequency between three options 5GHz, 2.4GHz and “Auto”, which as you can guess automatically figures out the right frequency, 5GHz (802.11a and 802.11n) and 2.4GHz(802.11b/g/n). However, it seems the phone (probably due to a problem in the driver) fails the “Auto” thing. Instead of guessing the right frequency, it fails to connect. So I’ve changed it to 2.4GHz, which is still more popular choice in routers over 5GHz, and instantly my phone connected to my router.

For conclusion: If you have trouble connecting to WiFi on Samsung Galaxy S2 with ICS, you should probably set the phone to use 2GHz only (or 5GHz only) instead of the default “Auto” mode.

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  1. I’e just installed CyanogenMod9 on Galaxy S 2, and I have some troubles that I hope you figured out, such as:
    – Where’s the Speed Dial?
    – If you capture too many pictures the program starts taking pictures by itself?!

  2. I haven’t used the Speed Dial before, so I didn’t notice it was gone at all…

    Regarding the camera issue, I can’t say I’ve experienced such bug, but maybe it’s because I don’t take many pictures.

  3. thnx for the info… ive tried the samples,
    and yes it works…
    At first, when i upgraded my s2 to ics, wifi wouldn’t work at all.
    But i have a question, the wifi signal on top of the screen has changed.
    it looks weird now!
    have u also noticed it?

  4. Hi.
    I.have galaxy s2.
    I.updated it with ics 4.0.3
    After that my wi fi.ddoes not.connect until the phone is restarted.

    And second whenevr i go.to.gallery to set a wallpaper…phone hangs and gives a error..Unfortunately the application has stooped working…

    Please give me a solution for these proble.s or give a solution to roll back the ics to earlier system.

    User from.India

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  6. I use an old galaxy s GT-I9000 with cyanogenmod 4.3.1 I had a country code setting instead of frequency. I’ve changed it to my country which fixed the problemç

  7. I use an Galaxy s gt-i9000 with Android 5.1.1 and cyanogenmod 12.1 and have the same problem. Changing frequency did work. But a few days later wifi switched off again. If I change frequency or country code it doesnt take it. After leaving the advanced settings and open it up again frequency is at auto again.
    Any idea?

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